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Connecting with Coincidence

May 12, 2017

Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, and Surgery at the University of Arizona and Director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health.  He is also Corporate Director of Development of Energy Healing at Canyon Ranch. He received his Ph.D. in psychology from Harvard University in 1971 and was an assistant professor at Harvard for five years. He later served as a Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at Yale University, Director of the Yale Psychophysiology Center, and Co-Director of the Yale Behavioral Medicine Clinic, before moving to Arizona in 1988. He has published more than four hundred and fifty scientific papers, including six papers in the journal Science.  He has co-edited 11 academic books. His science books for the general public include The Afterlife Experiments (2002), The Energy Healing Experiments (2007, a Nautilus Book Award Gold Winner in 2008), The Sacred Promise (2011), An Atheist in Heaven (2016), and Super Synchronicity (2017).  In 2012 he won the Distinguished Contribution to the Science of Psychology award from the Arizona Psychological Association for his research in energy psychology and spiritual psychology.  Gary is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, the American Psychological Society, the Society for Behavioral Medicine, and the Academy for Behavioral Medicine Research.