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Connecting with Coincidence

Mar 5, 2017

The MacGregors have been professional writers of both non-fiction and fiction since 1984. They’ve written extensively on the pursuit of inner paths. Their nonfiction books on synchronicity, dreams, the tarot, yoga, astrology, divination, and animal symbolism reflect such inner journeys.

Their most recent nonfiction books are Aliens in the Backyard: UFOs, Abductions, & Synchronicity and The Synchronicity Highway: Exploring Coincidence, the Paranormal, & Alien Contact. In January 2017, their newest book – Sensing the Future, How to Tap Into Your Intuition and Read Signs From the Universe to Predict What’s to Come - will be published. Between 2003 and 2013, the MacGregors wrote the Sydney Omarr astrology books, published by New American Library. Trish’s most recent non-fiction book, which will be published in September, is The Biggest Book of Horoscopes Ever. It offers monthly predictions for all 12 signs from 2017-2019.

 Trish, as T.J. MacGregor, is the author of 37 novels and in 2003, won the coveted Edgar Allan Poe award for her novel Out of Sight. Her most recent novel is Apparition, the third book in the Hungry Ghosts trilogy. Rob is the author of 19 novels, including the New York Times bestseller Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and six other Indiana Jones novels. He also won the Edgar for Prophecy Rock, a YA mystery, and its sequel, Hawk Moon, was an Edgar finalist.